bc tour

ok …. that was fun! my bc tour of 18+ schools is now over and done. 5 weeks on the road and i am thrilled to be going home …. although i barely know where home is.

maybe home is everywhere? maybe its bc and ontario, and my grampa’s place up in georgian bay, and where those who love me and take care of me are.

maybe home is not a place, maybe it’s a feeling.


holy shit it looks like i’m going to be in paris france from june 15-26… and amsterdam and bristol as well.

Spoken Word/Lyrics

you know i love to wear dresses of victorian lace
love six shades of sex all up in my face
love lighting bonfires of contemplation
love beats that merge like a german indian
pummeling the fields as the wagons roll in
red man white man ending beginning
now grown radiant and getting bolder
smile of a child held by strong shoulders
check the lessons in the shape of land
even the strongest rock can become sand
and can sift through the hands of a woman or man
who stops long enough to listen
ear to wind mind to the rain
blood of our heart beats for change